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Accelerate your sales with digital advertising and dealership marketing strategies to drive customers into your showroom. With decades of combined experience, we’ve helped dealerships across the county save time and sell more cars. Focusing on results and your bottom line, we know what works and are ready to help boost your sales growth.

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We have a deep knowledge of the automotive industry.

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We create highly targeted and effective marketing strategies that resonate.
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At Do Not Stop Enterprises, our passion for automobiles meets expert marketing performance. We’re about creating a journey that gets customers excited and drives them to your showroom. Our approach is a blend of art and science, guided by experience and backed by eye-catching graphics and split-testing of ad messages. And we have regular meetings with you to keep you updated on your campaigns. Auto dealerships using our BDC and dealership marketing solutions save on average 25% on marketing costs while increasing showroom activity and improving closing percentages.
62,358 customers managed monthly
30-second average response time
548,977 text messages sent
51.7% inbound lead-to-appointment ration
61.2% appointment show rate
9X average ROI
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Your Starting Line to Growth: Dealership Marketing Solutions for Success

We’re committed to helping propel your dealership from the starting line to the winner’s circle. Our dealership marketing solutions include digital advertising and direct mail marketing.

Social Media Events

Social Media Events

Harnessing the Power of Social Media Marketing to Turn Scrollers Into Buyers

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

your Direct Mail will bring the results your team needs.

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Ready to Be Unstoppable?

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Auto consumers would be willing to share data with auto brands if it meant personalized engagement.
US auto consumers say it’s important that buying a car be easy and convenient.
Auto consumers would like to receive personalized engagement on their mobile from their auto brand.

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